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How to Spring Clean Your Finances This Season

With the spring season quickly approaching, it’s a reminder that it’s time to do some spring cleaning and recharge for the year. 

The same goes for your finances. Just as we declutter our living spaces to create a more organized and harmonious environment, a thorough examination and reevaluation of our financial habits, budgets and goals can lead to increased financial wellness over our economic future. 

Here are six ways you can consider to spring clean your finances this season and achieve greater financial control in your life.

Review Your Budget

Now is a good time to take a look at your credit card statements, cash withdrawals, and open accounts to check whether you’re within budget or over budget. Make sure to review all your subscriptions, services, memberships and any other recurring payments you may have to see whether you can cut back anywhere.

Review Your Debt

It’s good to know what credit cards or loans you may have open and where you may be able to consolidate debt and save money. Go through all your debt payments and mark when they’re due, how much is paid in principal and interest, and create a repayment plan.

Create a Savings Plan

If you don’t already have a way to automatically set aside savings per each paycheck or however regularly you are able, the beginning of spring is a great time to start a savings habit. The best apps or services for creating a savings plan will allow you to automatically set aside savings on your schedule without having to worry about keeping up with it manually.

Refresh Your Retirement Benefits

If you’re contributing to retirement funds like a 401k or Roth IRA, spring is a great time to check whether your contributions are working best for your situation. A small increase in contributions could compound in a big way by retirement age, and on the flip side, you may see that it’s necessary for you to lower your contributions to have more cash in each paycheck.

Track Your Spending

With so many different ways to make a purchase in today’s world, it can be difficult to track all your spending. Make it a priority to find an app, service or just a spreadsheet that you will always use to track your spending.

Check Your Credit Report

By federal law, anyone can visit USA.gov and follow the steps to request a free copy of their credit report once every 12 months. Take a look at the full report and make sure to keep an eye out for any errors or inaccuracies. Just getting these removed from your report alone is enough to increase your score and help boost your credit power.

By taking the time to assess, refine, and optimize your financial strategy, you can pave the way for better decision-making, reduced stress and greater opportunities for long-term prosperity.


In essence, spring cleaning your finances can be an important step toward building a solid foundation for financial success and security.



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