Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is DailyPay?

    DailyPay is the gold standard in on-demand pay with software that easily integrates with a company’s payroll and time management systems. DailyPay provides employees with early access to their earned pay. This means employees have the power to choose when to get their pay, instead of having to wait for payday. DailyPay provides employees with instant access to their earned pay or next-business-day access to their earned pay.

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  • Is DailyPay a loan?

    No, DailyPay is NOT a loan or a payday loan. We are here to stop you from needing to take out loans. By using DailyPay, you are simply transferring your earned pay to your bank account or card. You can only transfer money that you have already earned, but that has not yet been paid to you.

  • Is DailyPay a form of paycheck advance?

    No, DailyPay is NOT a paycheck advance and is a great alternative for employees to access their already earned pay ahead of traditional payday. DailyPay gives employees more control over their financial wellness without any strain on the employer or traditional money advances. A paycheck advance is a way for employees to receive their money early. Think of this as money that employees can borrow from a future paycheck. The employer advances money from pay that hasn’t yet been earned.

  • How safe is it to use DailyPay?

    We have some of the highest security certifications in the industry to ensure that your information is protected.

  • How does DailyPay help your financial health?

    DailyPay offers multiple ways for you to build healthy savings habits and better financial health. With DailyPay, you can move your earned pay into your savings account instead of your checking account. You can also set up an automatic transfer that will move a set amount of your paycheck into your savings account, without having to manually do so every time. Your options for setting aside savings with DailyPay are an Automatic Savings feature and a manual savings feature.

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  • How to take advantage of other DailyPay features
  • How does DailyPay work?

    As your work day ends and your hours are approved by your manager, you build up a balance in your DailyPay account that is available now and can be transferred into your bank account, to your debit card or to your payroll card. 

    What’s available now is updated when you clock out of each shift. You can instantly transfer money for a small fee, or schedule the transfer for the next business day for no fee. 

    Whatever money is left over – after you make transfers during a pay period – will automatically be paid to you on your next regularly scheduled payday as Remainder Pay. 

    Our software uses an algorithm that reduces the likelihood of you taking out more money than you have. What’s available now in your DailyPay account is what you can transfer at any time and excludes any estimated taxes, deductions and other withholdings such as garnishments. You can use the DailyPay app or website to access your earned and unpaid pay.

  • What is Remainder Pay?

    Remainder Pay is the money that you receive in your bank account, on your debit card or on your pay card on your regular payday, minus any amount(s) (and applicable fees) that you transferred before payday.

  • Which companies offer DailyPay?

    DailyPay is available to hundreds of companies across the United States. Ask your payroll or human resources department if your company offers DailyPay. DailyPay is only offered to companies with over 500 employees. If you would like to have DailyPay offered to you and your coworkers, refer your human resources department to

  • Will DailyPay work with my debit card?

    Yes, DailyPay will work with your debit card. 

    Unfortunately, not all US banks support our Now transfers to debit cards, but we’re working hard to get more banks on board. 

    American Express® and Discover® cards are not supported by our debit card network. Prepaid debit cards and small banks, like credit unions, occasionally do not work with our Now transfer network as well.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to see the exact reason the card is unsupported. You may contact the 1-800 number on the back of the debit card for a further explanation or to have third-party transfers enabled for your card. Alternatively, you can always add another debit card to try a Now transfer.

  • Why should I sign up for DailyPay?

    DailyPay can provide you with many benefits. They include, but are not limited to:

    • Access to your earned pay so you can pay bills on time
    • The ability to save your earned pay in a savings account of your choosing
    • Instant access to your own money in case of an emergency
    • Seeing how much you earn each day, which makes it easier for you to budget
  • The app looks different! Is this the same DailyPay that is offered at my company? What’s changed?

    Thanks for taking notice! We’re always working on new ways to enhance your experience and are always innovating and upgrading to give you the best experience possible. We’d love to hear from you and are open to any feedback you might have!

    You can contact us here:

  • What do I need to sign up with DailyPay?

    Once your employer launches their partnership with us to offer DailyPay, you need a bank account, prepaid debit card or payroll card so that DailyPay knows where to send your earned pay. DailyPay’s software requires you to have direct deposit for your paychecks. This allows us to transfer your earned pay into your account of choice whenever you request a transfer.

    DailyPay does not require you to have a social security number.

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  • Does DailyPay have an app?

    Yes! DailyPay does have an app. You can get started using our app here.

  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

    No, you can discontinue using DailyPay whenever you like, without any obligation. You also are under no obligation to use DailyPay after you are enrolled. You can choose to use it as frequently as you would like once you have signed up.

  • How does DailyPay affect my direct deposit?

    DailyPay will not affect where you receive your direct deposits. After you make your first transfer, your paystub may look slightly different on payday. Your check will consist of Remainder Pay, or the amount of money you didn’t transfer, and it will be deposited into your account of choice on your regularly scheduled payday. However, the deposit will be made by DailyPay.

  • What are the steps to sign up for DailyPay?

    When signing up for DailyPay, you will need to do the following:

    1. Visit

    2. Click “Sign up” (this is in black text at the top right-hand corner of your screen)

    3. On the new page that opens, enter your name (as it appears to your employer), email address, phone number and your employee ID

    4. Verify your account activation with a link that will be sent to your email address or phone number, depending on which option you choose

  • How much can I transfer?

    You can transfer up to 100% of what you see is available now in the DailyPay app. You can transfer up to five times each day or up to $1,000 a day.

  • How fast can I receive money?

    With DailyPay, you can receive a transfer from what’s available now in DailyPay either instantly or on the next business day.

    Instantly – transfer your earnings immediately, no matter what time of day it is. This includes weekends and holidays, 24/7/365.

    Next Business Day – if you request a transfer before 5:30 p.m. ET, you will receive your money on the next business day. If you complete the transfer request after 5:30 p.m. ET, you will receive the transfer on the following business day.

  • Why are my reported earnings and what is available now different?

    Your reported earnings is your gross pay that has been reported to DailyPay. What’s available now for early transfer is a portion of your reported earnings, minus taxes, deductions and any other withholdings such as garnishments. The Pay Period section in the DailyPay App has more information about your earnings. Tap “See your activity” under “Available now” to see earnings for your current pay period.

    Total earnings – the amount of earnings that has been reported to DailyPay by your employer for the current pay period

    Available now – the amount that is available to you for transfer to your debit card, payroll card or bank account 

    Transferred early – the amount that you have transferred and that has been deposited to your debit card, payroll card or bank account

  • How much does it cost to sign up for DailyPay?

    There is no cost to you when you sign up for DailyPay.

  • How are payments sent?

    The employee chooses when they want to get paid on demand — instant pay or on the next business day. DailyPay utilizes its instant transfer network or Automated Clearing House (ACH) to send the earned pay transfer you requested to your account of choice.

  • How often can I make transfers?

    You can transfer what’s available now to a bank account or debit card of your choice up to five times a day, and you can transfer up to $1,000 a day.

  • What happens to the remainder of the money I don’t transfer?

    The earned pay that you don’t transfer before payday will simply be paid to you as Remainder Pay on your scheduled payday.

  • What happens once I make my first transfer?
  • Does what’s available now in DailyPay include any overtime and holiday pay I earn?

    Only regular hours are made available now* for early transfer to your bank account 24/7. Overtime and holiday pay will be included in your Remainder Pay that you receive on payday.

    *While most overtime and holiday pay is not made available now for early transfer, there are some DailyPay client partners that are exceptions to this. If you have a specific question, you can contact us here.

  • Can I use DailyPay for all types of earnings, such as tips or bonuses?

    Yes, DailyPay supports multiple ways to do on-demand pay, including tips and rewards. The DailyPay Tips feature allows employers to disburse cashless tips directly within the app. Employees can track and withdraw their tips however they’d like. Learn more about DailyPay Tips.

    With the DailyPay Reward feature, managers can reward employees in real time alongside a personalized note however they see fit. Learn more about DailyPay Reward.

  • If I normally expect my payday ahead of time, will I still receive my paycheck early with DailyPay?

    Once you sign up for DailyPay, you will be able to access your pay from shifts you have already worked since your last payday, 24/7/365, regardless of what day your payday is. Any pay that you do not transfer early will be deposited on your regularly scheduled payday as Remainder Pay.

  • Where is my money?

    If what is available now in DailyPay has not been updated, please check to see that you have correctly logged your hours.

    Your earnings can potentially be delayed by the kind of work you’re doing, how it’s being reported or how much data is being entered by your employer’s payroll team at one time. 

    Occasionally, what’s available now might not exactly resemble what you’re expecting. It’s important to remember that what’s made available now isn’t a reflection of the exact time you worked or a running total of what you’ve made over the pay period, but an estimate of what we expect your paycheck will be, based on automated earnings reports from your timekeeping system. We always ask for patience and discretion when it comes to what’s made available now for early transfer.

    If you have transferred any of what’s available now to your bank account and it has not shown up yet, have no fear, your money is on its way.

    Please contact our team at 1-866-432-0472 or click here to chat with us live if you need more help.

  • My earnings aren’t updating, will I still get paid?

    Yes! You will still get paid. Sometimes earnings can be delayed by the type of work you’re doing, how it’s being reported or how much data your company’s payroll department is entering at one time. Occasionally, what’s available now might not show exactly what’s expected, but not to worry!

    Remember, what we make available now in the app isn’t a reflection of the exact time that you worked or a running total of what you’ve made over the pay period, rather it is an estimate of what we expect your paycheck will be based on automated earnings reports from your company’s timekeeping system.

    We always ask for patience and discretion when it comes to what you see available now.

  • Why do I have to pay to access my own money?

    If you choose to instantly transfer your earned pay, this is a premium service similar to rush shipping. Instant transfers can be made 24/7/365 – this includes nights, weekends and holidays.

    To be able to continue to provide you with this service, we do need to charge a fee. This ensures that we can continue to support you and provide you with the gold standard level of service we are known for.

  • I am having trouble logging in. What should I do?

    When you have difficulty logging in, try resetting your password. Here is how to do that:

    1.  Go to and click “Login” in the upper right corner or go to your DailyPay app.

    2. Select “Forgot your password? Click here to reset it.”

    3. Enter your email or phone number to receive a reset password link. If you do not find this email in your mailbox, please check your spam folder.

    If you do not receive a link to reset your password, or still cannot sign in after resetting your password, please contact our customer support team. They are available 24/7 at 1-866-432-0472, or click here to chat with us live.

  • Can I set limits on how much I can withdraw early?

    Yes, DailyPay often allows employees to set withdrawal limits to manage their finances responsibly. Employees can choose the amount they want to access early, up to their available earned wages.

  • Does DailyPay take your whole paycheck?

    If you did not take any transfers through DailyPay, you will receive your full paycheck on your regularly scheduled payday! DailyPay will never charge a transaction fee for sending you your Remainder Pay. Remainder Pay is what you receive on payday minus any early transfers.

  • Can you use DailyPay on your first day of work?

    Yes, you can access your earned pay through DailyPay starting day 1 on the job. You can send your earned pay to any account, debit card or pay card, instantly for a small fee or next day. In order for you to accrue a balance that’s available for early transfer, you must complete your shifts and your manager must approve your hours. In some cases, it could take up to 72 hours for the approval to complete through our system, but in others it happens on the same day.

  • How much of your paycheck does DailyPay make available to you?

    We make up to 100% of your paycheck available to you for early transfer, but this is only after a few pay periods because our system needs to learn about you.

  • How does DailyPay help users?

    According to DailyPay User Surveys from November 2022:

    • 67% of users say DailyPay has helped them reduce financial stress.
    • 48% of users say they are more motivated to remain with their current employer because they offer DailyPay.
    • 52% of users say their opinion of their employer has improved since they began using DailyPay.
  • I have a more specific question, how can I get help

    If you have a specific question about DailyPay or your account that is not answered here, there is a help section within your DailyPay account where you may be able to find the answer to your question.

    If you are an account holder and need additional help, please contact our customer support team. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but closed on select U.S. holidays.

    You can email us at, call 1-866-432-0472, or click here to chat with us live.

  • What is the DailyPay Visa® Prepaid Card?

    The DailyPay Card is a Visa® prepaid card that offers no-fee, instant access* to your earnings. There are no fees to open the card, no monthly fees, and no minimum balance requirements.

    With DailyPay, you can track your earnings in one place. With the DailyPay Card, you’ve got a way of using your earnings to make purchases, pay bills, get cash, and more. The DailyPay Card works like a regular debit card, so you can add funds from any account and use it anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. You can transfer earnings to your card to help you get the things you need, all in DailyPay. And, when you set your direct deposit to your DailyPay Card, you can make as many instant transfers from DailyPay to your card as you want, completely fee-free.*

    The DailyPay Card is yours for life! So, even if you don’t get your earnings early anymore with DailyPay, you can still keep and use your card.

  • How do I get a DailyPay Card?

    Just tap the Card tab in the DailyPay app! The DailyPay Card is not a credit card so there’s no credit check required and getting a card will not impact your credit score.

    You’ll be prompted to provide some personal information, which includes:

    • Your first and last name
    • Your phone number
    • Your home address (no P.O. Boxes)
    • Your mailing address (if it’s different from your home address)
    • Your date of birth
    • Your social security number
    • In some cases, a government-issued photo ID and selfie

    We collect this information as mandated by U.S. regulations to verify your identity before opening the card in your name. We will never share any card information with your employer or anyone else for any purpose other than opening a card. 

    If you don’t see the Card tab in your DailyPay app, you might need to update it to the latest version. If that doesn’t work, the DailyPay Card might not be available yet to employees of your employer.

  • How do I add money to my DailyPay Card?

    It’s up to you! You can add money to your DailyPay Card in all the regular ways like transferring from your bank account or a debit card. But, to make the most of your card, the simplest way is to add money from your DailyPay available earnings. As a DailyPay cardholder you can transfer your available earnings right away, absolutely free of charge.* Just set your paycheck to direct deposit to your DailyPay Card and transfer instantly as often as you like, without paying a penny in fees.*

  • Can I use my DailyPay Card to make purchases, pay bills and withdraw cash?

    Yes! You can use your DailyPay Card just like a regular debit card to buy what you need, pay bills, and withdraw cash at in-network Allpoint® ATMs – all without paying extra fees. 

    You can add the DailyPay Card to your digital wallet so you can use it from the comfort of your sofa when you’re shopping online. If you’re out and about, you can use your card in-store, too. Got bills to pay? You can use your card in the DailyPay app to make one-off or regular payments. And you’ll have cash access with over 55,000 ATMs in the Allpoint® network. 

    * On-demand pay requires employer participation in DailyPay. On-demand pay fees will be waived for any DailyPay transfers made to a DailyPay Card set up with direct deposit.

    Other fees and limits apply. See Cardholder Agreement for details.

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