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4 Ways To Save on Spring Break

For Americans, spring break is a rite of passage. Whether you are a student, middle-aged or somewhere in between, everyone needs a trip sometimes. Spring break trips are usually meant to bridge the gap between a cold winter and the upcoming warm summer months. These trips can get expensive, though, so it’s important to remember some tips and tricks on how to save while you’re on vacation.


Make a Budget

The first thing you should do before anything when planning a spring break trip or vacation is to make a budget. One strategy is to budget out all the things that are going to cost you from the biggest to the smallest. Flights, hotel, transportation, food and more should all be thought of and you should budget out how much you want to spend on each.

When you have a budget and stick to it, frivolous spending is decreased with the right discipline.  Setting a budget increases your financial wellness and saves you money since you have a number you know you have to keep in mind when spending.


Prepare Ahead of Time

Timing is everything — and that’s never truer than when you’re booking a trip. Especially when it comes to booking a spring break trip since it is such a popular time to travel. When traveling at these peak times or seasons, airfare and lodging can cost you more than you expected.

Look at flights, hotels or any accommodations months in advance to guarantee you get them for a reasonable price. A fun spring break is planned out ahead of time because nothing is less fun than emptying out your wallet because you waited too long.


Use Your Own Car or Embrace Public Transportation

Something that people don’t think enough about when budgeting out a spring break trip or vacation is how they are going to get from one place to another once they are there. Sometimes you won’t have to worry about this if you’re at an all-inclusive resort, but if you’re not, there are some ways you can ensure you won’t be spending all your money on ride-shares.

If you live close enough to your respective destination, you should always consider driving there. Driving may take more time but can save you boatloads compared to the price of flying. Once you arrive at your destination, you should familiarize yourself with the local public transport. Whether it be by bus, train or trolley, there will be cheaper ways of getting around.


Eat Out… With Discipline

A big part of spring break or any vacation is trying new cuisines and restaurants, so eating out is always tied into many trips. However, this can come at a large cost. Consider buying some groceries or other items that you can eat for breakfast and lunch. That way you can save that extra money and spend it on a nice dinner. You could also decide to stagger the days and nights when you eat out so you’re saving on other meals. 

The most important thing about spring break or vacation is you have fun and hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you do exactly that — while saving some money.

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