As an employee of Ciox Health, You deserve to be paid every day

DailyPay and Ciox Health teamed up so you can get your earned pay any time before payday.

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Get DailyPay

No cost to create an account. Set up takes 2 minutes.

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Get your pay

Transfer your earned Ciox Health pay to your debit card or bank account any time before payday.

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Get the rest on payday

Whatever you don’t transfer is sent to you at no cost on your payday.

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Get your money instantly

Need Ciox Health money right now? Transfer your earned pay instantly to your debit card at any time before payday.

your savings

Automatically deposit money from each Ciox Health paycheck to your own savings account with Auto Save.

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Keep tabs
on your pay

Your available pay increases each time you work so you can easily track how much you’re making.

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Don’t take our word for it
Trust DailyPay users

“It helps me from being late on bills or being late on rent. It's a lifesaver. DailyPay is right there to catch you when you're falling.”

“DailyPay made me feel great because of the savings account. A certain amount of my pay goes to my savings account which helps me save money.”

“Because of DailyPay I was able to get my money right then and there. It is a blessing being able to get your money without having to turn to cash advances and pay excessive fees.”

When you sign up for DailyPay through Ciox Health, you’ll be able to access your earned pay, 24/7/365. DailyPay enables you to view your Ciox Health paycheck and transfer the money to a bank account, pay card, or debit card for a transactional fee. You can also save your earned pay in a savings account of your choice at no cost.

DailyPay is not a payday loan. Payday loans often have hidden fees or interest payments that can leave the borrower in debt. DailyPay enables you to access your earnings before payday, and there is no loan to repay of any kind.

Your questions answered

  • Where Can I Find Ciox Health Job Postings?

    Start your job search at:

  • CIOX Health salaries: How much does CIOX Health pay?

    Salaries at Ciox Health depend on the role a team member will perform as well as their experience level. Ciox Health works to provide competitive pay as well as comprehensive benefits.

  • Can I get advance pay as a Ciox Health Employee?

    Sometimes when an unplanned expense hits, it looks like advance pay might be just what you need to get by for the next week or so. However, using an advance pay to get you to your next paycheck is a short-term financial decision that may have long-term negative results. Fortunately, if you are a Ciox Health employee, you can access your earned pay before the scheduled payday with DailyPay.

  • Does Ciox Health Pay Weekly or Bi-Weekly?

    Hourly employees get paid weekly and salaried get paid bi-weekly. Ciox Health employees can also access their earned wages to fit their schedules through DailyPay.

  • Where can I access my pay stub as a Ciox Health employee?

    To view your paycheck statement for CIOX Health, please go to your UltiPro account and under MENU > Myself > Pay > Pay History.

  • Is DailyPay a loan?

    No, this is not a loan. We are here to stop you from needing to take out a loan. By using DailyPay, you are simply transferring your own earned income into your bank account or card. You can only transfer money that you have already earned, but that has not yet been paid to you.

  • How does DailyPay work?

    Each day you work, you build up a Pay Balance in your DailyPay account that can be transferred into your bank account, to your debit card or to your payroll card. This balance is updated when you clock out of each shift. You can access funds from your Pay Balance instantly or next-business day. Whatever money is leftover in your Pay Balance, after you make transfers during a pay period, will automatically be paid to you on your next payday as Remainder Pay. Our software uses an algorithm that prevents you from taking out more money than you have. The Pay Balance you see in your DailyPay account is your net Pay Balance and excludes any estimated taxes, deductions, and other withholdings such as garnishments. You can use the DailyPay app, a tablet, or a computer to access your earned and unpaid income.

  • Why should I sign up for DailyPay?

    DailyPay can provide you with many benefits. They include, but are not limited to:

    • Access to your earned pay so you can pay bills on time
    • The ability to save your earned pay in a savings account of your choosing
    • Access to your own money in case of an emergency
    • Seeing how much you earn each day, which makes it easier for you to budget
  • How much does DailyPay cost?

    DailyPay offers a variety of pricing options for early access to your earned pay, ranging from no-fee to fee-based options. Check with your employer or contact DailyPay customer services click here to learn more about the options available to you.

  • How can I contact DailyPay?

    If you have a specific question about DailyPay or your account that is not answered here, there is a help section within your DailyPay account where you may be able to find the answer to your question.

    If you still need help, contact our customer support team.
    Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*.
    Closed on select U.S. Holidays.

    Click here to get help.

    *24/7 customer support is not applicable to all DailyPay partners.

Two smartphones display a financial app. The left screen shows transfer options and the right screen confirms a successful transfer of $17.01.

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